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Wednesday, February 28th, 2018


One cannot be allowed to self-learn on patients, Dr K K Aggarwal

New Delhi, 28 February 2018: Informed consent is an integral and crucial part of medical treatment today. It is not only a procedural requirement, but also a legal requirement. Not taking consent is gross negligence. Consent must be taken before starting a treatment or a procedure. The patient must be well informed, consent needs to be in micro detail, cost needs to be explained and your competence to manage complications needs to be addressed. There is no learning curve in today’s era. Every learning must be under supervision. One cannotRead More

A Great Achievement In The World Of Digital Painting

Los Angeles, USA — February 19 2018 — Rose Tanner is the master when it comes to the Wildlife Art. Years of experience have helped Rose achieve a level that is truly unprecedented among her peers. It is enough to catch a glimpse of the online portfolio as to understand the level of mastery that has been invested in the works of art. Dedication and understanding of the aviary anatomy are a must when it comes to faithfully recreating pictures of these birds. Bird Art is considered to be oneRead More

7 Physique Contouring Myths

For anyone who is tired of exercising and dieting and not reaching the figure you need, you’ll be able to uncover enable along with your problem through contouring. Contouring assists eradicate of fat deposits at specific regions upon which exercising and diet regime look to have no effect. Even so, you’ll find some myths surrounding physique contouring which are much better dispelled should you be considering the procedure. Get much more information about waxing Myth #1: Body contouring assists you drop weight. False. Contouring can remove localized excess fat orRead More

Sapna Chaudhary mesmerized audiences at EK SHAAM HOLI KE NAAM

Sapna Chaudhary mesmerized audiences at EK SHAAM HOLI KE NAAM – The most talkative pre Holi event in the capital of India by Shiv Valet & Cab Services. 27 February 2018, NEW DELHI: Holi, the festival of colour is a spring festival celebrated in the Indian subcontinent, mostly among the Hindu communities. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships. It is alsoRead More

Hotel in Saint Marys GA Offers Best Value, Location and Facilities to Its Visitors

For Immediate Release Hotels in Kingsland Georgia, 28 February, 2018: Choosing the right hotel for a trip is one of the most important tasks that everyone needs to consider carefully. When it comes to choosing hotels in Kingsland Georgia there are a lot of choices available in this city that can leave people confused. The best thing is to go with a hotel which has good reputation in market, and one of such hotels is Cumberland Island Inn & Suites. Cumberland Island Inn & Suites is an excellent hotel nearRead More

San Antonio TX Hotels Are the Perfect Choice for Every Traveler

For Immediate Release: San Antonio, Texas, February 28, 2018: A good hotel adds excitement and a luxurious vibe to the travel experience. It is an important part of a vacation or tour that adds to the memorable experiences of the trip. When looking for a holiday, you must look for a luxury stay at the most cost-effective price. There are several luxurious but affordable choices of hotels, if you are planning to visit San Antonio in Texas. Best Western Plus Palo Alto Inn and Suites is one of the utmostRead More

Visalia Sequoia Gateway Inn Hotel Offering Best Hotel Service To Its Guests

For Immediate Release Hotel in Visalia, 28 February, 2018: Visalia Sequoia Gateway Inn hotel in Visalia proudly welcomes all of the visitors of Visalia who are coming to this city to enjoy an amazing vacation or on a business trip. This is a hotel near International Agri Center, which is a very convenient location to stay in this city. The hotel takes its pride for making the stay of their visitors comfortable, affordable and completely satisfactory by offering huge facilities. Visalia Sequoia Gateway Inn is very convenient for visitors whoRead More