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Magento Open Source VS WordPress with WooCommerce

Magento vs WordPress

When starting an e-commerce project, there can be some rocks on the road to choosing the best option for an online store.

The number of existing platforms can be quite overwhelming. Today we are going to look closely at the two most popular platforms for e-commerce – Magento and WordPress (with the WooCommerce plugin).

This article will be quite useful for those who are thinking about setting up a website that sells one or more products and who isn’t sure which is a better platform to choose. They are both powerful platforms with different strengths and weaknesses so there are a lot of variables to consider here. We’ll go into detail about the sorts of issues you’ll need to consider and whether or not each platform handles these issues well.

Spoiler alert! Your choice will ultimately depend on what kind of e-commerce website you want to develop. And there’s even a potential option of using both Magento and WordPress for various parts of your site to get the best from both worlds. But you might not need to invest in anything that complex at this stage so let’s get started with a quick description of each platform.