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Yardly Offers Space-Saving Solutions with Outdoor Storage Boxes

Yardly provides homes with additional storage space with a range of outdoor storage boxes from Keter. Their catalogue includes products with various storage capacities to meet different requirements and lifestyles.

[AUSTRALIA, 14/09/2018] – Yardly, an Australia-based distributor of outdoor storage solutions, offers durable and high-quality outdoor storage boxes. They provide a range of storage boxes, which consists of different sizes and storage capacities to suit specific requirements.

Innovative Outdoor Storage Solutions from Keter

As a trusted distributor of outdoor storage solutions in Australia, Yardly sources their range of outdoor storage boxes from Keter. Keter is an industry-leading manufacturer of resin-based furniture and storage products recognised for its innovative and sustainable industrial design.

Durable, Spacious Storage Boxes

The outdoor storage boxes from Keter come in multiple sizes to give clients a variety of options for their needs.

One of the basic storage units in the catalogue is the KeterBrightwood, which has a storage capacity of 455 litres. The KeterBrightwood has solid gas struts that keep the lid up when loading and unloading objects. With its durable properties, the KeterBrightwood doubles as an outdoor two-seater bench. It has a taupe tone wood-like finish that is resistant to fading.

For a larger storage capacity, Yardly offers the Keter Java XXL. It has an 850-litre capacity ideal for storing bulky items like pool toys and gardening tools. The Keter Java XXL has a wicker texture that complements both classic and modern furniture designs.

The Keter Grande Store is one of the largest storage boxes in Yardly’s catalogue. Its storage capacity is enough to store pool pumps and barbecue equipment. The Keter Grande Store includes double reinforced wall panels can be painted over to match the environment.

About Yardly

Yardly specialises in distributing polypropylene storage units that fit the lifestyle of Australian homeowners. From garden sheds to outdoor storage, each product provides a durable space-saving solution. Yardly offers their products in kit form for quick and easy installation. The company has a team of representatives ready to offer the best products to customers all over the country.

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