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November, 2018



The doctors from Sibia Medical Centre are proficiently trained to use ACT and ECP (EECP) method well on needful patients. This therapy works as the best Heart Failure Treatment for individuals. • It is the new alternative to bypass surgery, which is gaining popularity among patients. • ACT is also defined as non-operational treatment of the angina chest pain to avoid bypass. • It is also used for treating bypass pain with chelation therapy, added in the list. • This therapy will work pretty well with antioxidant, lifestyle management andRead More

Application Virtualization Market worth 2.6 Billion USD by 2020

The report “Application Virtualization Market by Types (ERP, CRM, Hypervisor Security), Platform (OS and Software Development Virtualization), Technology, Service (Integration, Professional Services), End User, Vertical & Regions – Global Forecast to 2020”, segments the global market on the basis of applications, platforms, technologies, services, end users, verticals, and regions, along with providing in-depth analysis and revenue forecasts. It also identifies the drivers, restraints, and opportunities prevalent in the market and provides burning issues along with premium insights for the market. The detailed analysis of the key players included in theRead More

भगवन श्री राम मंदिर निर्माण के लिए महायज्ञ : विश्व वेदान्त संस्थान

नई दिल्ली  में प्रेस क्लब में आयोजित होने वाले प्रेस कांफ्रेस में विश्व वेदान्त संस्थान विस्वरूप महायज्ञ के ऐलान के माध्यम से अयोध्या  में किसी भी कीमत पर श्रीराम मंदिर बनाने के लिए जन-जन का आहावन करेगी । श्रीराम मंदिर के निर्माण को राष्ट्र की अस्मिता की पहचान के साथ राष्ट्रीय पुनरुत्थान का विषय बता कर श्रीराम मंदिर के निर्माण के लिए महायज्ञ का आयोजन किया जायेगा . विश्व वेदान्त संस्थान के सस्थापक श्री आनंद जी महाराज जी ने कहा की  त्रेता युग के बाद पहली बार पवित्र भारतवर्ष भूमिRead More Is Primarily Aimed At General Practitioners/ Family Physicians

We are excited to unveil a new medical reference website available at The site is primarily aimed at general practitioners/ family physicians. This provides succinct information on common medical disorders in primary care. The site is being developed by Dr Srivastava who works as a GP in South Wales UK. The layout of the site is simple and each topic when highlighted opens a concise colourful flowchart which can be used during consultations. At the end of each chart useful links to patient information resources are provided where applicable.Read More

Cryosurgical Equipment Market to Exhibit Impressive Growth During 2016-2026

Cryosurgical equipment are the surgical instruments that are used to freeze and destroy abnormal cells. The cryosurgical equipment treats variety of conditions, right from skin lesion to internal malignancies. Cryosurgical equipment are largely used in a treatment of skin tags, moles, warts, and particularly used in a treatment of liver cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, oral cancer and cervical cancer. The equipment used in cryosurgery help to freeze the temperatures on cells. When the temperature goes down beyond a certain level, ice crystal begin to form inside the cells andRead More

Cross-Platform and Mobile Advertising Market worth $80.45 Billion by 2020

The report “Cross Platform and Mobile Advertising Market by Advertising Platform, Solution (Advertising Campaign Solutions, Content Delivery Solutions, and others), by End User, by Vertical, and by Geography – Forecast to 2020”, defines and segments the cross-platform and mobile advertising market into various sub-segments with in-depth analysis and forecasting of revenues. It also identifies drivers, restraints for this market with insights on trends, opportunities, and challenges. [142 Pages Report] The overall market size is expected to grow from $25.19 Billion in 2015 to $80.45 Billion in 2020, at an estimatedRead More

Oil Gas Defoaming Separator Market to Reflect Robust Expansion During 2017 – 2025

Oil & Gas Defoaming Separator Market: Introduction During oil & gas production, crude oil is brought to surface by applying pressure through the tubing. After production, pressure is reduced, which separates the gas bubbles from the fluid and subsequently results in the formation of foam on the surface. This foam, if not treated, will cause problems during the transportation of oil & gas at atmospheric pressure. To stabilize the foam, certain additives are added or defoaming separators are used, i.e. chemical or physical defoaming is carried out. In chemical defoaming,Read More

Child Safety Seats Market to Register Steady Expansion During 2016-2026

Child safety seats ensure the safety of babies while they are travelling in a car, and are to be compulsorily installed in a number of developed countries. There are different types of child safety seats available in the market depending upon the age and weight of the babies. There are stringent laws in most of the developed countries like United States, Canada and United Kingdom amongst many others regarding child safety seats. While this concept of installing child safety seats to transport babies in cars is deeply established in theRead More

How you can Do away with Rats – Methods of Rat Pest Control

For a large amount of individuals inside the Usa and around the world, rats have caused a great deal of issues inside many households. Coping with a rat infestation isn’t only tiring and challenging; it really is also a activity that’s viewed with excellent fear and dissent, specifically for men and women undergoing pest control. It is actually quite funny to think that rats happen to be about longer than humans generating men and women additional match within the criteria of inhabit carpenter ants. Although this scientific fact displaces plentyRead More

Pipe And Tube Bending Market to Actively Foray into Emerging Consumer Market places During 2017 – 2025

Global Pipe and Tube Bending Machine Market: Introduction Growth in construction and automotive industry has led to higher adoption of machines, such as pipe and tube bending machines in the market. Pipe and tube bending machines are generally used to bend pipes and tubes to produce finished parts. This machine consists of a guidance wheel device, driving device, pre-pressing device, clamping head device, rocker arm, hydraulic system and intermediate frequency power supply. Among these, the rocker arm is the main part of the bending machine as its function is toRead More