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Research Has Shown Moral Stories Can Influence Character Permanently

Storytelling was an age-old tradition which inculcated moral values, enhanced vocabulary, improved memory, etc. Unfortunately, it became a humdrum when technology stepped in! Though gadgets are a tool to boost motor skills and cognitive skills, they can still have a negative impact on the character of the child. And in situations like these, moral stories for kids are a blessing. They are not only entertaining, but they also impart some valuable life lessons.
Moral story books are one of the most practical platforms to impart education. They are tranquil, captivate children’s attention and alongside bestow valuable lessons of life. A study conducted by “Kang Lee and team” have inferred that some moral story books prominently affect the behaviourial pattern of a child. They also interweave the magic of honesty among children. Furthermore it has been proved by a study conducted by the “Ontario Institute for Studies in Education” (OISE) at the University of Toronto that realistic and genuine characters had a greater impact on kids, thus helping them to learn better. The books that are relatable to these children, leave a footprint on their moral ethics.

Amidst this, moral stories also help children to elevate their self-esteem and take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour. Not just this, but it also helps them to look at the quality of life they wish to opt for themselves. The importance and effects of moral stories in a child’s life is manifold. Right from making children resilient to adversities, exposure to value driven books supresses bad influence, promotes helpful behaviour and even strengthens parent-child relationship.

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